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All giggles...
Giggles from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.


26January2013 ~ Ariel L attended another of her friend's birthday party this weekend.  A sweet surprise birthday for a special little girl turning five. L's been talking about her own birthday party for months and wants it to be a surprise.  Now she wants it even more.  She and her friends have been planning the party at daycare.   
After the party on our way home...L says to me, "Mommy, that wasn't was real clown.  When he took his gloves off his hands looked like ours."  Yes, clever little girl.  I loved that the clown only spoke Spanish and he had a translator.  The children didn't seem to notice.   He certainly kept the parents entertained.  26January2013 ~ In the morning, A enjoying rice cereal and carrots. That night, A enjoying her sister.


Most photos of A are of her biting her lower lip and of her finding her feet. There's always a combination of both.
 She has to get into the mix.

Sister watching.  L loves it when she and A match.


19January2013 ~ A happy greeting's in the morning 
Our weekend was filled with entertaining L, basketball and lack of sleep.  Dave is at home with the girls today...Happy Birthday Martin Luther King Jr, and I'm at work feeling tired.  Why?

A is teething and feels it I suspected. It made for a long night and a tired baby and Mommy. I didn't know how exhausting a teething baby could be. L, as a baby seemed to take teething in stride. A feels it and tells me. She fusses while nursing...pulling away and crying. It got to the point where I had to thaw frozen breast milks so she could drink it from a bottle {I was worried she wasn't getting enough}.

Other signs of teething...she drools like a faucet, bites her lower lips, does raspberries with her lips trying to talk to me and she doesn't sleep. There's no scientific study on this, but with L she had a red bum when she was teething. I am seeing it will A. Sleep is a big one. Last night was exha…


12January2013 ~ L enjoying herself at a friend's birthday party. L and Dave are so much a like.  At around 4:30 am this morning Baby A was crying.  If she's fussing at night I wait to see if she goes back to sleep.  "A" whimpered twice and on the thrid time {crying}, I was getting up to get her.  L walks into our room and says, "Mommy, there's an angry baby in there."  She makes me smile with the things that come out of her mouth.  Even at 4:30 in the morning she's quick. Dave...Dave did drop off this morning because I had an early meeting.  I get this text from him, "Lexi was feisty this morning arcing her back when I tried to put her in the car seat." The two of them!  Yes, A lets you know how she feels.  Yes, she doesn't like to be strapped in to anything.


Basketball started this weekend.  L liked it so we're off to a good start.  L played and A slept.


Baby A's day

Baby A woke up a bit later than usual...after 7. She hung out on the couch with Dave and L. Then she sat down for breakfast.
L had to feed A.

After a long mid-morning nap, A woke up a happy baby.

L and A hung out. She rolled over and back whiled L played with an activity book.

A is rolling on her belly and then back on her back. She is determined. 

She is even rolling over and trying to move around.
L had to hold her several times during the day. 

After her late afternoon nap and bath she watched a little tv.
Not the best picture, but it puts a smile on my face. She is a happy and calm baby.

Snow Fun

01January2013 ~ Framingham
While Dave watched A, L and I went outside for some fun in the snow.  She had been talking about building a snow man since we first got snow, but we've been busy.  So today was the day.  L had a blast and didn't want to go inside.  L played on her swing set, we built a snow family {the snow was too fluffy for a large snow man}, L made Snow Angles and we went sledding.  Well, sledding around the yard.  I pulled L around the yard.  She just laughed and fell into the snow and laughed some more.  She is such a joy!

The only thing cocoa.  I forgot to pick some up today while at the grocery store.