Month 4

Today A is 4 months old.  This photo is so A.

She's smiling, laughing and talking and is on the verge of rolling over.  And, she's strong.  A loves to be on her feet.   She expresses herself very well.  People watching is perhaps her favorite thing to do right now...following every one's movement.  

At A's 4 month check up she weighed 14 pounds (50th percentile) and was 25 inches (75th percentile). I had expected the drop in weigh percentile since our stubborn little girl took about 3 ounces in a 10 hour period at daycare for much of November.  She continues to increase her intake and up to about 10 ounces.  We ultimately settled on Dr. Brown's bottles.  

28December 2012

Before Christmas we transitioned A to her crib and she has done really well.  She stopped sleeping through the night in November which could be due to daycare {lack of Mommy time}, developmental changes or teething.  Yes, the doctor confirmed there is a teeth working up.  He also confirmed that her tongue tied has loosen up a bit.  I hadn't mentioned it, but he noticed so I'm glad we went and saw a specialist who helped us decide not to snip the tie.

We tried food with A this morning...she took about 2 spoons of it before she just turned away and refused it.  


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