12November2012 ~ after a good morning walk, a me picture

This is my last day home with the girls.  I head back to work on Monday.  There's mix feelings with returning to work.  I think I'm good at my job and mentally need it, but I'll miss being with the girls.  I'm not worried about L as she's quite excited to return to daycare full time.  Baby A isn't fully embracing bottle feeding.  At times I through she had, but this past week she doesn't care for it.

Here's a few pictures from this past week all taken with my phone.

 L, one person sack race until J came over.

the race was on

 There was Daddy time.  All I hear when I look at this picture is, "pick me up, pick me up Daddy."
 Baby A and I

 15November2012 ~ it was a long morning at daycare

 She passed out at home

15November2012 ~  L watched her favorite movie of all time, Toy Story 3


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