The Bottle

I was so happy to hear A took a bottle her first day at daycare.  Not all of it, but it's a start.  Well, yesterday she outright refused.  We've been trying for the last three weeks and A is holding out.  The doctor says, "she's a smart girl."

We've received a lot of advice and I've done my own web search on the topic.  Dave gives A the bottle.   L gives her the bottle.  I give A the bottle.  I hold her and put her in a bouncer.  We've tried sitting and standing.  We've tried freshly pumped milk, cold and room temperature milk.  We've tried the BornFree, adiri, Medula bottles.  I bought two more to try...Dr Brown's and tommee tipped.  We've gotten the advise to try the Playtex latex nipples vs the silicone nipples.  I haven't bought it yet because they didn't sell them at the store we were at.  It's endless and she outright refuses all of them.

At A's two month appointment I was reassured she would not starve herself.  Her doctor was not concerned at all.  If A was in the less than 10% for growth then he would be, but she's in the 70-80% as of yesterday.  A is thriving...12.4 lbs and 23 1/4 inches.

We have two weeks to get her to take the bottle and so we'll just keep trying.

Did I mention she's strong.  The girl can move and lift herself.  She demonstrated it for the doctor yesterday so he reminded us not to leave her unattended.


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