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Three Months

25November2012 ~ Asleep while we tree hunted
Baby A is a three month old today. 
28November2012 ~ Smile Lexi
Calmer and happier.


12November2012 ~ after a good morning walk, a me picture
This is my last day home with the girls.  I head back to work on Monday.  There's mix feelings with returning to work.  I think I'm good at my job and mentally need it, but I'll miss being with the girls.  I'm not worried about L as she's quite excited to return to daycare full time.  Baby A isn't fully embracing bottle feeding.  At times I through she had, but this past week she doesn't care for it.

Here's a few pictures from this past week all taken with my phone.

 L, one person sack race until J came over.
the race was on
 There was Daddy time.  All I hear when I look at this picture is, "pick me up, pick me up Daddy."  Baby A and I
 15November2012 ~ it was a long morning at daycare
 She passed out at home
15November2012 ~  L watched her favorite movie of all time, Toy Story 3


10November2012 ~ Sleep
There's a lot of transitioning when it comes to sleep in our house.  When A was born I co-slept with her  in our spare room.  L slept in our bed.   At around 6 weeks, Baby A and I moved upstairs to L's room.  Baby A moved to the sleeper {best product ever} and I slept in L's bed.  L was still in our bed.

This week L went back to her room.  She was excited because she and Baby A would share a room.  She can't wait until they get to share a bed.  It seems to be working out well.   I don't think this would have worked if Baby A didn't sleep as much as she does at night.

Entertaining Lexi

Happy Birthday Lexi from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.
10November2012 ~ Sister love
This is how L calms and entertains A.   The "shake your booty" thing is new.

Happy and Angry Lexi

08November2012 ~ Smiling A
I got a smiling happy L during the day 

That night, Dave got an angry A

Had to comfort her before he dressed her for the night

This was followed by more than 8 hours of sleep.  A is a sleeper.
07November2012 ~ trying to catch a snow flake


06November2012 ~ Going to Vote
L told Dave, "it's Election day daddy."  I heard her ask Dave if he could be President.  Leading up to Election day she had lot of questions for me so I'm sure she had lot of questions for Dave.

 Getting our ballot
 Waiting in line

A..."I just want to sleep."  
Four years ago, L went and voted with us....HERE

A + Daycare

05November2012 ~ Sleep
She slept most of the tired little girl.  Daycare doesn't seem to agree with her.  After a bought of crying {screaming} because she refused her mid-morning feeding she finally gave in and took a bottle right before I picked her up at noon.  She's stubborn and I'm glad for that.  A came into the world a screamer and as Dave puts it, "pissed off at the world."

Those hands are always up. 

My Alligator

My Alligator from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.
She loves this song right now.  She raps the song.  It's one big run on sentence so below are the lyrics.

Can You Teach My Alligator Manners goes like this:

My name is Mikey and this is Al. He's fun and funny and my very best pal. But I need your help. So Al can get it right. Mom won't let me keep him until he acts polite. My alligator, teach him some manners. Can you teach my alligator manners?

The Bottle

I was so happy to hear A took a bottle her first day at daycare.  Not all of it, but it's a start.  Well, yesterday she outright refused.  We've been trying for the last three weeks and A is holding out.  The doctor says, "she's a smart girl."

We've received a lot of advice and I've done my own web search on the topic.  Dave gives A the bottle.   L gives her the bottle.  I give A the bottle.  I hold her and put her in a bouncer.  We've tried sitting and standing.  We've tried freshly pumped milk, cold and room temperature milk.  We've tried the BornFree, adiri, Medula bottles.  I bought two more to try...Dr Brown's and tommee tipped.  We've gotten the advise to try the Playtex latex nipples vs the silicone nipples.  I haven't bought it yet because they didn't sell them at the store we were at.  It's endless and she outright refuses all of them.

At A's two month appointment I was reassured she would not starve herself.…


31October2012 ~ L had to sit with A
L is going through her toothpaste very quickly.  I mean there was a quarter tube yesterday and this morning she tells me there's none left.  I'm usually nursing A while L brushes her teeth.  I hear water running and splashing in the bathroom so she's doing something in there.
I have a guess...she's making mouth wash with her toothpaste, water and the cup she has in there.  When I ask her what happened to all her toothpaste she tells me she used it all to brush her teeth.  I ask her if she's eating it and her response, "Mommee, I don't do that."
08October2012 ~ Maine

November 1

While Halloween/October was fun {especially for L}, I'm glad it's over.  On the way home from daycare today she asked if we could go trick or treating again tonight.  For her it's not about the treats, it's about experience.
Happy Halloween from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.