13October2012 ~ Pies on the Common, Framingham

L excitedly waiting for her turn on the bouncy house. 

I love all the colors she's sporting.  It was a bit cold on Saturday morning so L wanted a hat and mittens so she could go outside with Daddy. She loves the slippers {they are slippers, but she wears them like boots.  They're also two sizes too small}.

Then she took a turn down the slide...which was pretty steep.  I was surprised she actually went down it several times.  She ran out of money since the bouncy house cost her two dollars and the slide cost her another two dollars.

I forgot about Pies on the Commons.  L saw it when she and Dave went to the recycling center to drop off some leaves.  She kept her jacket, hat and mittens until one of us would take her there.  The thing is...she has to use her own money for rides and treats when we go to these things.  She's always asking us if she can borrow some money.

There are no pics of A...I was wearing her.


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