20October2012 ~ Des, the beautiful bride, New Jersey 
{photo taken by Liz, the maid of honor}

We were in NJ for a friend/family's sister's in-law's family...our extended family.  The day was perfect.  We spent time with Van and Tuan before the wedding.  

 A visiting with Auntie Van

L's hair before {and telling Logan not to push}

L's hair after Auntie Van curled it 

Logan, he's a character...full of spunk 

 A spending time with Uncle Tuan

 There's just so many toys for L to play with...she loved it

 L and Auntie Van at the church

A slept through it all so there's no photos of her all dressed up 
{photo taken by L}

 The ring bearer

 The Maid of Honor, Liz {beautiful}

 What a ham...I think most Nguyen boys are

 Des and Ian

The only good photo of L in this pose.  The rest were blurry.  She just moves too much.

Congratulations Des and Ian!


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