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1st Day and Happy Halloween

31October2012 ~ Pre-K with enthusiasm
The girls started daycare today at Over the Rainbow 

It was hard letting go this morning.  L was excited and A was sleepy.  A had to be woken up.  She's been sleeping 6+ hour stretches at it safe to say she may have found her schedule!?!.  I hope so.

It's only half days for now, but in two weeks they will be going full time.

Happy Halloween!
Jessie met up with her friends, Woody and Buzz, at my work party last week


L put the life jacket on and told me she was ready for the storm and wanted to go out side to play.

What happens when there's a tropical storm? There's lots to do. Cookie baking...lots of dough eating. Being the mommy and the doctor. Story telling once it got dark.

What did A do through all this? She slept.


L took this photo. Can you tell? She's so funny, fun and lovable.

27October2012 ~ Leaf jumping after Pumpkin in the Park

I'm ready for Halloween to be over.  We attended 4 halloween events this past week, one in which I helped set up.  And, Halloween isn't even here yet.  

This gnome or man has seen better days.

 MOMs of Framingham Halloween Party

Trick or Treat at Wholefoods.  This photos is also on Instragram

 L and Daddy...Pumpkin in the Park, Framingham
 Our attempt at getting a group photo...A is the patch of hair on the bottom right

photo also on Instragram

 Jessie is picking out her pumpkin

Arts and Craft, Pumpkin in the Park

Two Months

Two months old. How time flies. Our little mummy loves sleeping with her hands towards her face. I keep saying to L, you were our feet...our little kicker and A is our hands. The hands are always moving when she's wake and towards her face or up the air when she's asleep.

Sleep...should I say it. A is a good sleeper. This was after we got her on some acid reflux medication. There's still cluster feeding and it's okay, but the hours seem to be stretching in between feeding at night. 6 and a 1/2 hours last night which is probably why I'm awake at this hour.

Our stubborn little girl is still refusing to take a bottle.  L and A start daycare on Thursday {officially}.  Their first day is Wednesday {preview day}.  The kids are dressing up for the day.


25Oct2012 ~ Ghosting
We ghosted two of our neighbor's tonight.  The morning was spent getting everything together.  There's the ghost, the goodie bag and the poem.

You've Been Ghosted! Late last night, we left you a treat. The tradition is fun, one we hope you'll repeat. Take the ghost and pin it on your door, to let others know, you need ghosted no more. Now it's your duty to pass on the surprise, to two more families, we must advise. Gather some treats and deliver them soon, within two nights, under the light of the moon.
Cutting and putting the face on the ghost 
 Then decorating the goodie bag.  What was great is we went to a halloween party the day before and L had plenty of goodies to give.

Smile Alexa

24October2012 ~ A's first Halloween
 Before heading out to a Halloween party, at my work, A had to pose for a lot of photos.
 Smile Lexi

 All dressed up for the party...Jessie from L's favorite movie, Toy Story 3
We had to get every detail of the costume correct.  L made sure I didn't forget anything.  
One more party to go and then it's trick or treating.  Hopefully Sandy will move out and we won't get hit with the tropical storm.  Last year we missed Halloween and was in a hotel since we didn't have power at the house.


23October2012 ~ 7 weeks
A is almost 8 weeks and changing every day.  She smiles and talks to you...I love hearing her talk {cooing}.  It's quite loud at times.
23October2012 ~ Bath time with Daddy