21September2012 ~ Natick Mall, Natick

We get out once a day.  Today it was the mall to walk around.  When L was a baby, I used to go to mall to walk around almost every day.  It's something I do with L and Baby A now.  L gets to play at the indoor playground and I get some exercise.  For Baby A, she likes the movement while she sleeps and fusses less when I can get her in the car and moving. 

We stumbled upon this window display.  It's so beautiful {but L over shadows it}. I had to take a photo of it.

L also gets her excise walking/running through the mall before the stores open.  She ran into these people {all waiting to get their hands on the iPhone 5}.  She had a lot of questions and even asked the nice salesperson waiting at the front if she could have one of their bottles of water.  Yes, Apple opened at 8AM today at the mall and was handing out water and candy to the people waiting in line.  I didn't really understand the hype until I chatted with the salesperson. I understand the iPhone 5 thing, but never understood what it meant to wait in line at the store.

Eager people waiting to get their hands on the iPhone 5


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