Infant Care

20September2012 ~ Home bound

We're looking into infant care for when I return to work in November.  There's a daycare center around the corner from our house so we walked to our appointment.  Baby A was fine until half way home.  We stopped and I carried Baby A in the Baby Bjorn and L pushed the stroller home {a task she loved doing}.

L's very excited for the next phase of her life, because we went and signed her up for a few things this morning at the Parks and Rec.  The programs fill up quickly so we went to register L at 9AM.  Then we came home, I fed Baby A and we walked to our daycare appointment.  

Now L wants to attend the new daycare as well.  She keeps telling me she's ready for kindergarten {a year away} and wants "really bad to make new friends."  A big change from the shy, stranger anxiety ridden child.  BTW...she loves to chat on the phone telling stories.

19September2012 ~ L had to hold Baby A before bed, but all Baby A wanted was to eat
  20September2012 ~ a little nap after her breakfast before we head out for the day


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