4September2012 ~ Big sister is adjusting to Baby A
We're still adjusting to having Baby A in our lives.  L says she loves Baby A, but at times was looking for attention.  But, she's adjusting well...there's still a pang of guilt knowing she has had to make the biggest adjustment with Baby A.  She's not the center of our universe and has to share our time.  I know she will be a great big sister.  There's lots of cuddling and kisses for Baby A when L is around.
 5September2012 ~ Baby A
Baby A, she's still mainly eating, sleeping and pooping.  What I see so far is she is the total opposite from L in personality.  She came out screaming louder than L, but other than her screams, she's the most mellow little thing you will be meet.  The biggest difference so far is she loves to sleep...L not so much.
As for me...I'm adjust and on the mend from having A.  My advise for new Moms is to ask for a visiting nurse after going home.  The nurse who came on Tuesday is one of best...she was very supportive and attentive.  The nurse was there to check in on me and Baby A.  A, who weighted 6 lbs, 12 oz on Tuesday.  This is a big jump since leaving the hospital at 6.1 lbs last week.  

The nurse answered all my questions and had many questions of her own.  Something was worrying her and so she called my doctor and recommended I go see her the following day.  I'm so glad I did...what I thought was routine turned into a infection.  But, now I'm on the mend and it's a good thing.

What about Dave?  He has been so supportive and taking on more than his share of things around here.  He's been our rock and taxi.  His fall class started last night.  He thinks it will be a good class for him other than having to drive into Boston two nights a week.


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