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Love...oh how she loves her sister.   L says to me this morning, "having a baby is a big responsibility.  Are you tired Mommy?"  She is very aware and caring.  Yes, she uses big words.  It makes us laugh at times.

"Mommy, we will call Alexa, Lexi.  Daddy will call her Alexa" ~ L

One Month

28September2012 ~ A, one month old today
A~ It's been a month and you're still our little peanut.  You mainly sleep and eat, waking every 2-3 hours to nurse.  You still cluster feed twice a day...early morning and early evening.  You're adjusting to your baths, but boy did you scream the first two times.   There's something about changing {clothes and diapers} that makes you scream!  Daddy says your the voice of our family.  He just means you will be heard.  You're quite expressive and I'm glad for that.
Big Sister L adores you and wants to help and make you happy.  When you cry she tries to calm you down and has the most patience.  


26September2012 ~ When I went to check in on the girls.  L multi tasking.
We went for a walk and so Baby A had to sleep in the breeze way and L was in charge of watching her.    I wanted to get a load of laundry in the wash, start dinner and work on L's Halloween costume.   Auntie Van called to talk to L and L had to run and get the phone.  L loves to chat to Auntie Van.  She wants to call her the moment she gets up {6AM is a bit to early for anyone} and throughout the day up until bedtime.


21September2012 ~ Natick Mall, Natick
We get out once a day.  Today it was the mall to walk around.  When L was a baby, I used to go to mall to walk around almost every day.  It's something I do with L and Baby A now.  L gets to play at the indoor playground and I get some exercise.  For Baby A, she likes the movement while she sleeps and fusses less when I can get her in the car and moving. 
We stumbled upon this window display.  It's so beautiful {but L over shadows it}. I had to take a photo of it.
L also gets her excise walking/running through the mall before the stores open.  She ran into these people {all waiting to get their hands on the iPhone 5}.  She had a lot of questions and even asked the nice salesperson waiting at the front if she could have one of their bottles of water.  Yes, Apple opened at 8AM today at the mall and was handing out water and candy to the people waiting in line.  I didn't really understand the hype until I chatted with the salesperson. I …

Infant Care

20September2012 ~ Home bound
We're looking into infant care for when I return to work in November.  There's a daycare center around the corner from our house so we walked to our appointment.  Baby A was fine until half way home.  We stopped and I carried Baby A in the Baby Bjorn and L pushed the stroller home {a task she loved doing}.
L's very excited for the next phase of her life, because we went and signed her up for a few things this morning at the Parks and Rec.  The programs fill up quickly so we went to register L at 9AM.  Then we came home, I fed Baby A and we walked to our daycare appointment.  
Now L wants to attend the new daycare as well.  She keeps telling me she's ready for kindergarten {a year away} and wants "really bad to make new friends."  A big change from the shy, stranger anxiety ridden child.  BTW...she loves to chat on the phone telling stories.
19September2012 ~ L had to hold Baby A before bed, but all Baby A wanted was to eat   20Sept…

This and That

My Gym ~ Baby A does this while her big sister does this...   Builds a boat  Hangs
I love it when she's sleeps like an owl and her sister is still Climbing
Then Baby A does more of this  While her sister does some of this...
I'm so glad I haven't seen any disapproval with me nursing in public because Baby A needs to eat...where? At My Gym, at the playground, at the mall and even at the library.

3 Weeks

14September2012 ~ Baby A is growing every day
She's sleeping more during the day...even with the all the light and noise.  The vacuum doesn't seem to wake her.  At night, she is mostly cluster feeding.  She's three weeks old today and its seems to go with the growth spurt.
She's our screamer.   There's not much demand from her.  But, when she screams you know it.
 16September2012 ~ Sweet Yarn
16September2012 ~ what do you do when there's an empty box...turn it into to space ship or ice cream truck.


11September2012 ~ Spinning

It seems like that's what L's life is about right now.  We just spin and spin...and getting into a routine.  I didn't think it would be hard to find things for L to do while she was at home with Baby A and me.  We get out to the playground, make it to My Gym a couple of times a week and run the random errands  during the week.  However, it's the interaction with kids her ages that is the challenge.

Most children at the playground and the gym are toddlers up to 3 years old.  There are hardly any 4 year olds there and L tends to play a little rougher {as most kids her age are doing}.  We're trying story time today and I promised her a movie and popcorn.  She loves to a rent movie and make popcorn so I think it's on the agenda for after her afternoon nap.


13September2012 ~ Sister love I see them in these photos. There's love in her actions... and a little teasing as well She watches over her as she sleeps.

Eight Years

Eight years ago...two beautiful girls together, it just keeps getting better because of this man. 


The two of them...working very hard.  L painting everything black even herself and Dave studying for his class.


4September2012 ~ Big sister is adjusting to Baby A We're still adjusting to having Baby A in our lives.  L says she loves Baby A, but at times was looking for attention.  But, she's adjusting well...there's still a pang of guilt knowing she has had to make the biggest adjustment with Baby A.  She's not the center of our universe and has to share our time.  I know she will be a great big sister.  There's lots of cuddling and kisses for Baby A when L is around.  5September2012 ~ Baby A Baby A, she's still mainly eating, sleeping and pooping.  What I see so far is she is the total opposite from L in personality.  She came out screaming louder than L, but other than her screams, she's the most mellow little thing you will be meet.  The biggest difference so far is she loves to sleep...L not so much. As for me...I'm adjust and on the mend from having A.  My advise for new Moms is to ask for a visiting nurse after going home.  The nurse who came on Tuesday …


2September12 ~ They took Baby A for her first stroll around the neighborhood after dinner

Alexa Linh Hill

Alexa Linh Hill August 28, 2012 1:02 PM 6 pounds, 10 ounces 19.5 inches
We're all in love and so lucky she chose us for her family L finally gets to hold her baby sister, A.    L & Daddy waiting in the recovery room  Our family We've home