06Aug12 ~ Logan giving L hugs and kisses

We had visitors last weekend.  My sister, her husband and Logan visited. It was a busy week for L leading up to their visit.  She had been in Maine with Ba and Ong Noi and her cousins, Q and A.
Logan waiting for his bath.  
He's a tiny l year old...I think he's in the less than 10% for weight and height category.
 Like L, Logan loved the doll stroller and strawberry shortcake car remote.  L loved sitting in the stroller, but at the time she was much bigger than Logan.  Logan on the other hand fit much better and cried when his mom tried to get him out.
04Aug12 ~ Train ride, Hi Mommy.
On Saturday we went to Lookout Farm, but our trip was cut short because it was too hot.  L still had fun.
See saw with Daddy...Silly Daddy.
It was a great place to go and perfect for L.  We took the train out to the orchard where you could pick the the fruit currently in season {Peaches, Nectarine and some apples.}.  In the center was the play area for the kids.

L got right in there and feed the goats grass.  She had no fear, just put her hands through the fence.
She loved the caterpillar train ride.  There was also a playground, bouncy house, burlap maze and a entertainment.
After the farm and lunch, L wanted to go in her pool and run through the sprinkler.  She needed her umbrella and goggles to keep the water out of her eyes.  She tried the goggles and then a snorkeler mask.
On Sunday, we had rain in the afternoon and L wanted to go out and jump in the puddles.


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