12Aug12 ~ Keeping herself busy

Auntie Van promised L a fish, but we ran out of time while they were visiting.  L and I went and picked out the fish.  And his name...Daddy.  Yes, she named her fish Daddy.  She says it because she loves her Daddy and she wants two Daddies.  
I'm impressed at how well she takes care of him.  Excluding the first day of feed, L has the best control when feeding her fish.  Once in a while she'll ask me to watch her.
15Aug12 ~ 37.5 weeks

On baby news, we're two weeks away.  Baby H2 is developing well...measuring perfectly.  I'm 3 cm dilated {I was at this point with L} and the baby is in my pelvic.  This is my last week of work until late!  We're slowly prepping for the baby, but I figured I have all next week to get the spare room ready.  It's currently our catch all room.  At least there's a bassinet in there and I've washed all the clothes.
We've probably prepped L more for the arrival of the baby.  As Dave has said many time, "wow, someone is baby obsessed."  She is ready and keeps asking me if the baby is coming out tomorrow. 

I'll leave you this from Sunday.  L must of asked Dave a question about rain and I hear Dave say, "we can't control the rain."  L's response, "but God can."


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