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End of Summer

The annual carnival at Crossroads usually marks the end of summer for us.  Here are pics from Friday's carnival.    24Aug12 ~ Let the carnival begin.

Play set

20Aug12, happy

L's play set came on Monday.  She was so excited when she got home from daycare.

When she got home on Tuesday, she wanted to stay outside and play...even as it was getting late. She played before dinner and after dinner.  When she asked why she had to come in, we told her it was bath and time.  She asked if the neighbor kids had their bath.  Dave told her they had it before they came out to play.  Clever L..."does it mean they need another bath after their play?  It's not fair, they get to stay outside."

Year 4 Video

L's year 4 video is finally done.  It took a while, but with the week off, I've had time to finish it.  If you want to see her past vidoes they are here.
Lyla Year 4 from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.


18Aug12 ~ Big girl salon, Invidia Salon, Sudbury

L and her first big girl salon...she and I loved the results.  Her hair is much more manageable.  What she didn't like was how long it took.  Her favorite was getting her hair washed.  The stylist said L was the calmest child she's had so far.

But...she wants to go back to her kid salon.  She'll go to Mommy's salon 4 times, so she will go there three more times.


16August12 ~ Good night L is into building forts.  She built herself one using her two big pillows and draping her blanket over it.  Good thing her AC is running because it was hot on this night.


12Aug12 ~ Keeping herself busy

Auntie Van promised L a fish, but we ran out of time while they were visiting.  L and I went and picked out the fish.  And his name...Daddy.  Yes, she named her fish Daddy.  She says it because she loves her Daddy and she wants two Daddies.   I'm impressed at how well she takes care of him.  Excluding the first day of feed, L has the best control when feeding her fish.  Once in a while she'll ask me to watch her. 15Aug12 ~ 37.5 weeks

On baby news, we're two weeks away.  Baby H2 is developing well...measuring perfectly.  I'm 3 cm dilated {I was at this point with L} and the baby is in my pelvic.  This is my last week of work until late!  We're slowly prepping for the baby, but I figured I have all next week to get the spare room ready.  It's currently our catch all room.  At least there's a bassinet in there and I've washed all the clothes.
We've probably prepped L more for the arrival of the baby.  As …


06Aug12 ~ Logan giving L hugs and kisses

We had visitors last weekend.  My sister, her husband and Logan visited. It was a busy week for L leading up to their visit.  She had been in Maine with Ba and Ong Noi and her cousins, Q and A.
Logan waiting for his bath.   He's a tiny l year old...I think he's in the less than 10% for weight and height category.  c Like L, Logan loved the doll stroller and strawberry shortcake car remote.  L loved sitting in the stroller, but at the time she was much bigger than Logan.  Logan on the other hand fit much better and cried when his mom tried to get him out.
04Aug12 ~ Train ride, Hi Mommy.
On Saturday we went to Lookout Farm, but our trip was cut short because it was too hot.  L still had fun.
See saw with Daddy...Silly Daddy.
It was a great place to go and perfect for L.  We took the train out to the orchard where you could pick the the fruit currently in season {Peaches, Nectarine and some apples.}.  In the center was the play area for th…


29July2012 ~ before heading to Maine for the week
L's in Maine this week with Ba and No Ong.  I'm imagining she is being spoiled and taking charge.  When we spoke to her on Sunday, she lot of plans for while she was there.
Before heading to Maine we attended a wedding in Boston on Saturday.  L has become a party animal.  She wanted to dance all night and was upset when the music stopped.  It didn't matter that the music was being stopped so the bride and groom could cut the cake or celebrate some of their own wedding traditions {the bride is from Bulgaria and the Groom is from Turkey}. "Come dance with me Daddy."
 Dancing away.  Even I had to go dance with her for a couple of songs.