30June12 ~ Getting ready for the beach

Love these two…they are always negotiating with one another.   Unfortunately, at times their talks just break down and I need to get in the middle.  Which means I need to side with Dave for now…we need to set the ground rules early.

Last night’s negotiation began because I asked L to get her things together for the next day.  This means making sure her bag is packed for daycare with socks, undies, sneakers and a towel for swim lessons.  Everything was abandoned when L couldn’t find a clean hooded towel.  She looked in the towel cabinet and on the spared bed for cleaned laundered towels.  No luck…so she goes to hunt Dave down {Dave does the laundry}.

I didn’t hear much of their conversation, but L tells Dave there are no clean hooded towels.  Dave asked her when she needs it.  She tells him she needs it for daycare tomorrow.  Dave says he’ll do a load of laundry tonight and promises to have a towel for her by the morning.  Morning comes and L goes to get her things together…no clean towels in the cabinet or on the spare bed.  Dave has just stepped out the door.  L runs outside and screams to him, reminding him of the towel.    I hear him say to her, I always keep my promise and heads down the basement for a clean towel.

Here are other photos from the June 30th beach day.  We go almost every weekend.


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