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4th of July

04July2012 ~ Heading to the 4th of July parade in Sudbury
This holiday came and went.  Having the 4th of July fall on a Wednesday meant we did not make our usual trip to Maine.  There hasn't been any Maine weekend trips this summer. 
With Baby H2 on the way, my energy level has been low.  With L, my pregnancy was easy and I felt great.  It's totally different with Baby H2.  I'll be 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow {sorry no new belly pic}. Four more weeks of work with a week of vacation before Baby H2 arrives {Baby #2 comes in 5 weeks!}.
Baby names is the talk in our house hold right now.  L has her favorites.   At the beginning of the pregnancy she insisted on a baby brother named Luca.   Now she wants a baby sister named Ruby.  But says, "if it's a brother let's name him Max."  She loves Max and Ruby, the characters from the Rosemary Wells' books, which is also a tv show.
Here are a few pictures from our 4th of July Watching the parade with all the other…


30June12 ~ Getting ready for the beach
Love these two…they are always negotiating with one another.   Unfortunately, at times their talks just break down and I need to get in the middle.  Which means I need to side with Dave for now…we need to set the ground rules early.
Last night’s negotiation began because I asked L to get her things together for the next day.  This means making sure her bag is packed for daycare with socks, undies, sneakers and a towel for swim lessons.  Everything was abandoned when L couldn’t find a clean hooded towel.  She looked in the towel cabinet and on the spared bed for cleaned laundered towels.  No luck…so she goes to hunt Dave down {Dave does the laundry}.
I didn’t hear much of their conversation, but L tells Dave there are no clean hooded towels.  Dave asked her when she needs it.  She tells him she needs it for daycare tomorrow.  Dave says he’ll do a load of laundry tonight and promises to have a towel for her by the morning.  Morning comes and L goe…