Two Sides of L

02June12 ~ A bit tired after her party

Many people know the public L, the one who is a pleasure to be around.  The one who has good manners and is quite shy.  Some may even think she's an introvert.  Well, there's the L that Dave and I see.  The one who is stubborn and opinionated.  The one who has to do everything herself and can bring logic into any disagreement you may have with her.

For example, after dinner last night she asked for dessert.  I told her, "no" because she had chocolate when she got home from daycare.  She says to me, "how about vanilla ice cream, it's not chocolate?"

I can now show the two sides to L.  Saturday we celebrated L's birthday with her friends.  We had cake and she did not like the attention on her.  She didn't want to blow her candles out...being the public L. Sunday night the true L came out...the one Dave and I see.

We have three birthdays in our home all within 1 week.  Dave, L and I share June birthdays so this year instead of having three or four cakes I decided we would celebrate our birthdays with one cake.  This was also because I baked a cake for daycare and another for L's birthday and I just didn't want to bake another chocolate cake.  We went with an ice cream cake for our shared birthday cake.

Here's the private L.  She wanted to blow the candles out and in doing so she got aggressive and was elbowing Dave out of the way.


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