17June12 ~ Bubbles does make this girl happy.

It's been busy....here are some random photos from the last two weeks of June.
20June12 ~ Happy girl after dinner
23June12 ~ L has been putting on shows for her babies/dolls.  There's always one doll who gets to be the center of attention.  On this day it was Hello Kitty.
 Watching quite intently.
 24June12 ~ Saxonville Beach, Lake Cochituate, Framingham.  Enjoying the water with Dave.
Then it was time to build our usual moat.  Instead of having the moat feed into the water, L wanted it to pool at the bottom.
 Bringing water to the moat.
Pouring it down the channel.
L spent her time bring water up to the channel or repairing the dam.  After she repaired the dam she had to run back to the water to wash her hand and then back up to get her bucket.  She couldn't bring the bucket with her.  She has her own process.
24June12 ~ After the beach, it was pool time at the house.  She had another show with Dora as the lead.  She re-enacted a Dora episode.
24June12 ~ 30 weeks...as I head into 31 weeks tomorrow. 


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