08June12 ~ It's a bug's life.  She tells me she can help me get to daycare with these.  The yellow helps her see better than me. {taken with my phone}

Last night, I asked L if she was going to miss Daddy when he goes on vacation next week.  She asked if she could go with him.  "Can I go on vacation with you, Daddy?"  Poor baby is going to miss him terribly.

She does get quite attached to people and animals.  Dave reminded me about how she said, she didn't want Ong Noi and Bai Noi to go to heaven.  While L and I were doing dishes a few weeks ago, out of the blue, L asked about Balto {Ba and Ong Noi's dog}.  I told her he was in doggie heaven, where Mimi and Auntie Hoang and Ong Ngoai was.  The questions and statements kept coming...why would they get old, I don't want them to get old, etc.  The conversation was getting to a point where I was getting quite uncomfortable and I had to change the topic.  Believe me, it's hard to get her off a topic she wants to know about.

She's quite LOYAL.


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