Garden: Day 2

 10June12 ~ First thing Sunday morning.
L and I spent the morning outside playing with bubbles, tossing the ball and all the toys that were meant for her party.
I needed a little rest from playing pass so it was good timing when Dave came outside.  He threw the ball around with L for a bit before heading to the gym.  We all keep busy...Dave had mowed the lawn, done a load a laundry and did the dishes before he headed out.
 L needed a rest so she went inside to get us both something to drink and then listened to music on the iPad.
 A little hula hoop
 My {our} LOVE 
More watering
After lunch L and I started on the garden {again}.
Dave came out to help put up the fence
  Photo taken by L
 We bought more than enough plants for our garden so some of the plants went going into pots.  L cleaning the pots.
 Happy Dance
Finished Garden {for now}
L after dinner and her bath.

It was a great weekend.  She was tired at the end of each day.  What does it mean for us...L slept through the night two nights in a row.  She wakes up most nights and ends up in our bed or she drags us into her bed.  She says it's because, she loves us and misses us...she gets lonely.


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