Garden: Day 1

 09June12 ~ On our way to River's Edge Garden Center

We planted our garden this weekend.  I can't say we, as L says it's her garden.  Dave and I are the helpers and she says it's fair we do all the hard work and she does the fun things...put the plants in and water the plants.  There's some weeding on her end and she does put her tools away, but she mainly sticks to the planting and watering.
Planting the cucumbers seeds

L received the sweetest garden bag for her birthday which include a basic "garden in a bag."  I'm sure there's a name for it, but it was a biodegradable container with discs that turned into soil when you soaked it in warm water.  One include tomato seeds and the other cucumbers.
"Garden in a bag"
We usually go to Russell's Garden Center in Sudbury, but this year decide to try River's Edge in Framingham.  It's the most wonderful and quaint little place.  It has everything we needed and the women there are super helpful.
In between gardening we did stop and wish Dave a Happy Birthday.  It was Dave's birthday so we let him do what he wanted.  He was gone for most of the day.  We decided we would all get a late lunch and help him get ready for his trip to the Dominican Republic.
 Day 1 of our garden included weeding, adding fertilizer to the garden, planting and watering.
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