Birthday Girl

She finally turned FOUR!
02June12 ~L cutting the tags off her birthday present

L has been waiting "Forever" for this day.  FOUR is a big number for her.  It's the only number she's been talking about for so long.  We celebrated with her friends.  It was rainy and windy so everything was inside.
L's birthday decorations

I am one of those parents...I pumped the children with sugar.  Dave says he was a little horrified.  L's birthday party started with pizza and chocolate fondue.  The kids didn't want pizza.  They wanted the chocolate fondue with all dipping treats...Oreos, strawberries, rice crispy treats, marshmallows, gummy worms and pretzels.  L tells me it was her favorite part of her birthday.

From there the kids got to create their own sundaes and then there was cake.  In between all the sugar the kids played in L's room.  It all worked out, but I was glad when 3PM came along.  
Birthday before her party.
Birthday girl enjoying her ice cream sundae.  She kept adding sprinkles and chocolate to it.  
This weekend she loved her time with Riley and Logan.   
After everyone left this is where I found L.

Happy Birthday, LOVE!  You brighten our lives every day.


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