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17June12 ~ Bubbles does make this girl happy.

It's been are some random photos from the last two weeks of June.
20June12 ~ Happy girl after dinner
23June12 ~ L has been putting on shows for her babies/dolls.  There's always one doll who gets to be the center of attention.  On this day it was Hello Kitty.  Watching quite intently.
 24June12 ~ Saxonville Beach, Lake Cochituate, Framingham.  Enjoying the water with Dave.
Then it was time to build our usual moat.  Instead of having the moat feed into the water, L wanted it to pool at the bottom.  Bringing water to the moat. Pouring it down the channel. L spent her time bring water up to the channel or repairing the dam.  After she repaired the dam she had to run back to the water to wash her hand and then back up to get her bucket.  She couldn't bring the bucket with her.  She has her own process. 24June12 ~ After the beach, it was pool time at the house.  She had another show with Dora as the lead.  She re-enact…


16June2012 ~ Before heading to F's birthday party, L and I went grocery shopping  This was her shopping outfit.  It was a bit cold, but they wanted to go swimming.
L & F before blowing out the candles Then came all the gifts See the necklace on L, we got F one for her birthday.  L had to have one.  She wore it all weekend. The musical instruments were a big hit.  I love the photos of the girls play.

Garden: Day 2

10June12 ~ First thing Sunday morning.
L and I spent the morning outside playing with bubbles, tossing the ball and all the toys that were meant for her party. I needed a little rest from playing pass so it was good timing when Dave came outside.  He threw the ball around with L for a bit before heading to the gym.  We all keep busy...Dave had mowed the lawn, done a load a laundry and did the dishes before he headed out.
 L needed a rest so she went inside to get us both something to drink and then listened to music on the iPad.
 A little hula hoop  My {our} LOVE  More watering After lunch L and I started on the garden {again}. Dave came out to help put up the fence   Photo taken by L  We bought more than enough plants for our garden so some of the plants went going into pots.  L cleaning the pots.
 Happy Dance Finished Garden {for now} L after dinner and her bath.
It was a great weekend.  She was tired at the end of each day.  What does it mean for us...L slept through the night t…

Garden: Day 1

09June12 ~ On our way to River's Edge Garden Center

We planted our garden this weekend.  I can't say we, as L says it's her garden.  Dave and I are the helpers and she says it's fair we do all the hard work and she does the fun things...put the plants in and water the plants.  There's some weeding on her end and she does put her tools away, but she mainly sticks to the planting and watering.
Planting the cucumbers seeds
L received the sweetest garden bag for her birthday which include a basic "garden in a bag."  I'm sure there's a name for it, but it was a biodegradable container with discs that turned into soil when you soaked it in warm water.  One include tomato seeds and the other cucumbers.
"Garden in a bag" Off to River's Edge Garden Center We usually go to Russell's Garden Center in Sudbury, but this year decide to try River's Edge in Framingham.  It's the most wonderful and quaint little place.  It has everythin…


08June12 ~ It's a bug's life.  She tells me she can help me get to daycare with these.  The yellow helps her see better than me. {taken with my phone}

Last night, I asked L if she was going to miss Daddy when he goes on vacation next week.  She asked if she could go with him.  "Can I go on vacation with you, Daddy?"  Poor baby is going to miss him terribly.

She does get quite attached to people and animals.  Dave reminded me about how she said, she didn't want Ong Noi and Bai Noi to go to heaven.  While L and I were doing dishes a few weeks ago, out of the blue, L asked about Balto {Ba and Ong Noi's dog}.  I told her he was in doggie heaven, where Mimi and Auntie Hoang and Ong Ngoai was.  The questions and statements kept coming...why would they get old, I don't want them to get old, etc.  The conversation was getting to a point where I was getting quite uncomfortable and I had to change the topic.  Believe me, it's hard to get her off a topic she wa…

Two Sides of L

02June12 ~ A bit tired after her party

Many people know the public L, the one who is a pleasure to be around.  The one who has good manners and is quite shy.  Some may even think she's an introvert.  Well, there's the L that Dave and I see.  The one who is stubborn and opinionated.  The one who has to do everything herself and can bring logic into any disagreement you may have with her.

For example, after dinner last night she asked for dessert.  I told her, "no" because she had chocolate when she got home from daycare.  She says to me, "how about vanilla ice cream, it's not chocolate?"

I can now show the two sides to L.  Saturday we celebrated L's birthday with her friends.  We had cake and she did not like the attention on her.  She didn't want to blow her candles out...being the public L. Sunday night the true L came out...the one Dave and I see.

We have three birthdays in our home all within 1 week.  Dave, L and I share June birthdays so thi…

More Treats

As I mentioned in my last post, I am one of those Moms who pump your kids with sugar at a party.  For L's birthday, I thought she should eat all the sugary treats that she loves.  Here are two videos take at her party.

Video One: Fondue
Video Two: Create your own sundaes

Birthday Girl

She finally turned FOUR! 02June12 ~L cutting the tags off her birthday present
L has been waiting "Forever" for this day.  FOUR is a big number for her.  It's the only number she's been talking about for so long.  We celebrated with her friends.  It was rainy and windy so everything was inside. L's birthday decorations
I am one of those parents...I pumped the children with sugar.  Dave says he was a little horrified.  L's birthday party started with pizza and chocolate fondue.  The kids didn't want pizza.  They wanted the chocolate fondue with all dipping treats...Oreos, strawberries, rice crispy treats, marshmallows, gummy worms and pretzels.  L tells me it was her favorite part of her birthday.
From there the kids got to create their own sundaes and then there was cake.  In between all the sugar the kids played in L's room.  It all worked out, but I was glad when 3PM came along.   Birthday before her party. Birthday girl enjoying her ice cream sund…