06Apr12 ~ L checking to make sure the cookies were almost done. 
Yesterday, we kept ourselves busy.
Grabbing a milk for the road, "to run errands?"  Yes, we had to do a Target run and go find a new light for the dining room.
This past week was all rain and clouds.  We actually saw sun for most of the day.  L says to me in the car, "isn't today the perfect day for the park?"  Why not?...she goes along with our plans most of the time.  We made a deal we would go to the park near our house, because she suggested "the big one that Daddy goes too."
She loves the see saw, "it's like a swing."
When L and I got home, Dave had already started on the prep work for the dining room.  L wanted to help. She's pretty good at patching up the holes in the wall.  She was negotiating with her dad...I heard her say, "you have a turn and then I have turn, okay Daddy?"
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