Mother's Day Weekend

12May12 ~ 24 weeks, wow it's flown right by.
How time was last night's dinner conversation.  L wanted to know when the baby would be here.  At first it was "it will be awhile."  A pause on our end...counting down the months and it's only 3 1/2 months away.  She comes over to me, gives me a hug and says, "I love you."  I asked if she would be jealous of the baby and she said, "no."  She is anxious for him/her to arrive.
L and Ba Noi ~ We met Ba and Ong Noi in Newburyport for lunch on Saturday.  It was a gorgeous day.
Three generations of Hill
L and F ~ After lunch with Ba and Ong Noi, L had a friend over to play.  They went from playing with bubbles to riding bikes to play dough, dress up and back outside for another round of bubbles and bike riding.
Thank goodness for little girls.
13May12 ~ Mother's day.  L wanted to be a reindeer.  She had to go outside to run around and be a reindeer.  She even wore this while we ran errands and went grocery shopping.  I didn't have to worry about losing her.
After running errands, L had to go for a ride bike and the sprinkler came out for the first time this year.  She says, "this bathing suit would be perfect don't you think?"


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