Memorial Day Weekend

26May12 ~ Tapping away on her computer in between the items of clothes she needed to put on.  

I can't remember when we didn't go up to Maine for Memorial Day weekend.  I needed time at home since we were in NJ last weekend and L's 4th birthday party is on Saturday.  We got so much done around the house.
Dave and I asked L to give us the morning to work around the house.  She did as we asked.  She watched tv an played with her toys.  She helped Dave put her old bed together {we had it upstairs, but moved it down to the spare room}.
In the afternoon we went outside for a bit and she got to play with her bubble machine.  She loved it!
27May12 ~ She spent a good 30 minutes on the window.  Lyla used half a bottle of glass cleaner and 1/2 a roll of paper towels and said she wasn't done when I told her she was done.
28May12 ~Helping Dave clean the cars.  She is definitely hitting 4!...Attitude and all.


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