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Memorial Day Weekend

26May12 ~ Tapping away on her computer in between the items of clothes she needed to put on.  
I can't remember when we didn't go up to Maine for Memorial Day weekend.  I needed time at home since we were in NJ last weekend and L's 4th birthday party is on Saturday.  We got so much done around the house. Dave and I asked L to give us the morning to work around the house.  She did as we asked.  She watched tv an played with her toys.  She helped Dave put her old bed together {we had it upstairs, but moved it down to the spare room}. In the afternoon we went outside for a bit and she got to play with her bubble machine.  She loved it! 27May12 ~ She spent a good 30 minutes on the window.  Lyla used half a bottle of glass cleaner and 1/2 a roll of paper towels and said she wasn't done when I told her she was done. 28May12 ~Helping Dave clean the cars.  She is definitely hitting 4!...Attitude and all.

New Jersey

19May2012 ~ L and Logan

As we head into the long weekend, here are photos from last weekend. We spent the weekend in New Jersey celebrating with my cousin who is now a newly wed.
Daddy and L. She was grumpy after her nap in the car. She was having to much fun the night before and didn't get to bed until later and then rose early. Silly little girl was finally on board and was enjoying herself at the reception. She and Dave danced, play chase and just had fun. She crashed at the wedding and so we left early. Too much fun.

Fast as a Potato

Funny moment from this morning. Not sure where she gets it, but she's "fast as a potato."  She thinks it's funny to call people by a fruit or vegetable.

I love that she can get herself ready in the morning {it comes with a lot of nudges}.  She picks out her clothes, gets dress, brushes her teeth, combs her hair and washes her face.  This week, she's been putting her own hair up.  Daddy gets her the milk and they share a bowl of cereal.  She also gets herself in the car and buckles.

Mother's Day Weekend

12May12 ~ 24 weeks, wow it's flown right by. How time was last night's dinner conversation.  L wanted to know when the baby would be here.  At first it was "it will be awhile."  A pause on our end...counting down the months and it's only 3 1/2 months away.  She comes over to me, gives me a hug and says, "I love you."  I asked if she would be jealous of the baby and she said, "no."  She is anxious for him/her to arrive. L and Ba Noi ~ We met Ba and Ong Noi in Newburyport for lunch on Saturday.  It was a gorgeous day. Three generations of Hill L and F ~ After lunch with Ba and Ong Noi, L had a friend over to play.  They went from playing with bubbles to riding bikes to play dough, dress up and back outside for another round of bubbles and bike riding.
Thank goodness for little girls. 13May12 ~ Mother's day.  L wanted to be a reindeer.  She had to go outside to run around and be a reindeer.  She even wore this while we ran errands…


06Apr12 ~ L checking to make sure the cookies were almost done.  Yesterday, we kept ourselves busy. Grabbing a milk for the road, "to run errands?"  Yes, we had to do a Target run and go find a new light for the dining room. This past week was all rain and clouds.  We actually saw sun for most of the day.  L says to me in the car, "isn't today the perfect day for the park?"  Why not?...she goes along with our plans most of the time.  We made a deal we would go to the park near our house, because she suggested "the big one that Daddy goes too."
She loves the see saw, "it's like a swing."
When L and I got home, Dave had already started on the prep work for the dining room.  L wanted to help. She's pretty good at patching up the holes in the wall.  She was negotiating with her dad...I heard her say, "you have a turn and then I have turn, okay Daddy?"
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