Disney: Animal Kingdom

Day 2, Animal Kingdom
We started the morning with a character breakfast at the hotel and L getting to meet the Easter Bunny.  She and Logan were scared of Mini Mouse.  She corrected me when I told her Goofy was coming.  "No, it's Pluto."  Pluto heard and corrected me by pointing to his dog tag.
Before breakfast, she had a visit from the Easter Bunny.  He left her an Easter egg hunt and a package for L and Logan.  She looked in both bags and took what she wanted out of Logan's bag before giving it to him. {there's a cute video, I'll have to post at some point}
L love rides...on Dad's back or a stationary animal.  She's always count {bottom left picture}.
We loved the safari we went on, but L was more excited about petting the animals.  She really wanted to climb on the stage to meet the bird.
It wasn't all about the park, she loved to tease Logan.

{as always, you can click on the photos to get a bigger view}


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