14Apr12 ~ St. Martha's Church, Kennebunk, L and Molly
When we got back from Disney, we headed to Maine for my niece's, Molly, Communion.  It started with rehearsal on Friday and the ceremony on Saturday.  Poor Molly...L was in one of her teasing moods.   "Um Molly, um Molly" on and on.  Then it was the poking while Molly was trying to concentrate on the rehearsal. Then some name calling.   
My brother, Ngoc, the Bishop and Molly
Ba Ngoai, Molly and the Bishop
16Apr12~Dayton, Spending time with Ba Noi
She is so full of light and energy...LOVE HER!
17Apr12 ~ L before daycare.  
Our routine just about back to normal.  It was a warm one on Tuesday so the summer clothes came out.  Good thing we had them out from our Disney trip. 


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