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Happy Birthday Sweet Boy

A message just for you!

Her Babies

29Apr12 ~ Pizza and Bear She refers to them as her babies.  "I'm the Mommy and I need to take care of them."  She is quite protective of them.
A tender hearted Mommy and her babies.


21Apr12 ~ a little Zippity to start the day It was nice to have a week at home.  We keep ourselves active.  Our weekend included a trip to the mall and park.
22Apr12 ~ Yummy Some chocolate covered strawberries...she LOVES them.  Chocolate and fruit, where can you go wrong!?!
 A couple of hours of baby wearing or Pizza wearing.  She was happy to carry Pizza around in this.  It even had to come with us on a CVS run.
It was so simple to make, but I'll have to get her a really one at some point.  It's a pair of L's footless tights wrapped around and secured with two safety pins.  To make it even more secure a barrette was used to clip the two legs together. Baby H2 at 21 weeks

The Easter Bunny Came

The Easter Bunny visited while we were at Disney.  L was tired.  We had spent 12 hours the previous day at Magic Kingdom.  {the video is 7 minutes long}


14Apr12 ~ St. Martha's Church, Kennebunk, L and Molly When we got back from Disney, we headed to Maine for my niece's, Molly, Communion.  It started with rehearsal on Friday and the ceremony on Saturday.  Poor Molly...L was in one of her teasing moods.   "Um Molly, um Molly" on and on.  Then it was the poking while Molly was trying to concentrate on the rehearsal. Then some name calling.    My brother, Ngoc, the Bishop and Molly Ba Ngoai, Molly and the Bishop 16Apr12~Dayton, Spending time with Ba Noi She is so full of light and energy...LOVE HER! 17Apr12 ~ L before daycare.   Our routine just about back to normal.  It was a warm one on Tuesday so the summer clothes came out.  Good thing we had them out from our Disney trip.

Disney: Sea World

Day 3 - Sea World  09Apr12 ~ Sea World, Shamu and Dolphin shows She wanted the ride to go higher and we had to go on the carousel ride.  She loved feeding the sting rays and playing in the water. By the end of the day she just could stay awake.  It didn't matter that she had no dinner

Disney: Animal Kingdom

Day 2, Animal Kingdom
We started the morning with a character breakfast at the hotel and L getting to meet the Easter Bunny.  She and Logan were scared of Mini Mouse.  She corrected me when I told her Goofy was coming.  "No, it's Pluto."  Pluto heard and corrected me by pointing to his dog tag. Before breakfast, she had a visit from the Easter Bunny.  He left her an Easter egg hunt and a package for L and Logan.  She looked in both bags and took what she wanted out of Logan's bag before giving it to him. {there's a cute video, I'll have to post at some point} L love rides...on Dad's back or a stationary animal.  She's always count {bottom left picture}. We loved the safari we went on, but L was more excited about petting the animals.  She really wanted to climb on the stage to meet the bird.
It wasn't all about the park, she loved to tease Logan.
{as always, you can click on the photos to get a bigger view}

Disney: Magic Kingdom

While at Disney, we did three parks.  Day 1, Magic Kingdom. 07Apr12 ~ L, Tinker Belle and Logan  I just love Logan's expression in this photo.    L can't get enough of carousel. L and Logan, moments while in line.  L was excited she got to drive the car.  She steered and Dave worked the gas pedal.  She was excited to meet Buzz Light Year, but really wanted to meet Woody.  As for Mickey and Mini, she didn't take to them.  "I didn't like THAT Mickey."
I love L's excited for her favorite characters.   She's love, love, loves Toy Story 3.  She asked why they weren't waving back to her.


07Apr12 ~ Magic Kingdom, L's favorite

We spent the Easter holiday at Disney World....and had a blast.  More photos to come.  Here are a few of my favorites.

06Apr12 ~ Waiting for our shuttle to the hotel
07Apr12 ~ Magic Kingdom - L and L

Hoppy Easter *LATE

Happy Easter from Disney!
No tears for this bunny...maybe just a tad tired.
Tears HARE in 2009 and HARE in 2010 By 2011 it was just fun {just realized this didn't post.  it was scheduled to post on Sunday, but the new blogger scheduler must not be working...ugh}

18 Weeks

3Apr12 ~ 18 weeks L went with me to my second ultrasound and monthly check up.  She was a trooper and so fascinated with the hospital.  Did I tell you how she's into "doctor stuff" right now?!?  Her new obsession...Doc McStuffins.  It's a new show on Disney about a little girl who takes care of all the toys who need medical attention.

The ultrasound took longer than I thought {an hour and 15 minutes}.  The tech couldn't get a view of all the things she needed, because apparently we have an active one.  But, the baby is well and all measurements are on target.


31March12 - L's version of baby wearing, Framingham

She says "Auntie Van does this with Logan."  She's loves her dolls and wants to know why "OUR" baby isn't here yet.

The other night she announced at the dinner table..."when I grow up, I'm going to have a baby."  Dave didn't know what to say to that.  He asked her how she was going to take care of the baby.  Where she was going to get diapers and wipes.  Her response, "at the grocery store."  Of course he was asking how she was going to pay for it and so she said, "I'll get money from Mommy."

 Babywearing with the ribbon from her skirt...the Easter Bunny many need to bring her her own wrap.

Excited about something on the t.v.