Weekend Fun

17March12 ~ Sparkly blue nails, Bloomingdales

It was a busy weekend {or active weekend}.  Saturday started with L and I getting lunch...pho.  We love pho and it's easy to just go out to get a bowl.  We walked through the mall and Bloomingdales was giving free manicure and massages.  L was hesitant, but after my nails were done she was ready for hers. 
After dinner we all went for a walk.  The walk wasn't enough for L.

She tried her Lady buggy.  But, realized it was too small for her and hard to ride.

Then she tried her scooter.

18March12 ~ After swim lessons on Sunday, L kept herself busy...we kept busy.

L wanted to be a unicorn and asked me to make her a ribbon ring so she could fly it like a kite.  She ran around the yard trying to make it fly.

She and I raked the yard...I raked and she played in the yard.  Dave came home as we headed for a bike ride so he came along.
After the bike ride, she had to change her clothes.  Then it was the library, an ice cream run and then we headed to the park.

She made a quick friend at the park.  She's pretending to be a pirate checking things out.

She was rosy cheeked by the time she stopped for a quick drink break.


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