Baby H{2}

10March12 ~ L wanted to get in the shot

There will be a new addition to our family this summer.  Yes, we’re expecting our second child September 1.  L is quite excited.  Before we knew we were expected L had been talking about wanting a “brother, sister and fish.”   A fish...remember last summer when L got all upset when we had to release her butterfly.  She remembers and we still need to get her a fish.

For a while, she was convinced we would have twins...a brother and a sister.  It was hard to get her to accept it was only one baby in my belly.  She’ll be a wonderful big sister as she’s had a lot of practice with all her babies.  She’s talking about helping out when the Baby H{2} arrives.  The only problem is she wants a "baby brother."  We're talking to her about accepting the baby whether it's a girl or boy.  Dave thinks its another girl, but it doesn't matter to us either way.
10March12 ~ 15 weeks


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