2.4.12 ~ Tea time with Ba Noi, Maine

L and I tend to have the most interesting conversations in the car to and from daycare. She says things like, “Mommy, you can’t dance, you have to drive” or this strange conversation:

Me: How was your day?
L: Good. You know, we have a new “S” at daycare. We have two “S’s” now. “S” wears a pull up. My friend, “N”, doesn’t wear a pull up anymore. You know, my friend, “T” still wears a pull up.

She tends to give me updates on all her friends. Who was sick and had to go home. “M” threw up in the big room today and “Ms. A” had to hold her. “T” had a temperature today and Ms. L had to call his Mommy. She tells me who got a hair cut and who had to go to the doctors.

2.5.12 ~ Only the Super Bowl will be on downstairs.  L had to watch t.v. in her room.

2.7.12 ~ Dancing to start the morning.

2.8.12 ~ One of her favorite pre-dinner snack, cucumbers.

2.9.12 ~ Tucking all her friends in for bed.

2.10.12 ~ She gets distracted.  One shoe on (barely) and she stops.

2.10.12 ~ Not sure what she found so funny...happy kid.


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