Because I Love You

14Feb12 ~ Ready for Valentine's Day.  Our Valentine!

L woke up yesterday with lots of kisses and hugs for me. I was talking to Dave, telling him someone has lot of hugs and kisses for me today. L chimes in and says, “because I love you.”

On Thursdays, I leave early for work since Dave has class. I was telling Dave I was taking off and from the living I hear L say, “don’t forget my hug and kiss.” She comes running into the kitchen to make sure I gave her what she wanted.

Here are photos from the week:
 12Feb12 ~ Last day of swim lesson, we're going to try the next level.

 12Feb12 ~ Tonight's two bedtime time book. 

13Feb12 ~ L,Pizza and Pizza's bear are ready for daycare.

13Feb12 ~ Pizza and her "Bear"

13Feb12 ~ L all excited when she received a package in the mail

15Feb12 ~ L all excited about her Valentines from her friends.  She gave herself one.

15Feb12 ~ L showing me her Valentine crown


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