25Feb12 ~ Wink, Wink...pretending she's having a party
25Feb12 ~ She says a belt makes her outfits pretty.

Another clothing post...this one from last week.  {Outfit above from Saturday.  I had to convince her to wear a dress and she had to accessorize.} L has become quite opinionated when it comes to her clothing choices in the morning. 

I asked L if she wanted to wear this dress with leggings.
L: No.
Me: Why?
L: Because.
Me: Because why?
L:  Because I don’t like flowers.
Me: Since when have you not liked flowers
L:  I’m going to pick my clothes.

She comes down with a pair of striped leggings and her “Hello Kitty” shirt.

Me: You can’t wear that shirt, it’s too small
L: You need to put it aside.
Me: You're correct

She is correct.  We agreed the other morning…if she has outgrown her clothes we would set it aside for Julia.  I’m willing to accept her statement since it was a battle at one time to get her to pick a different shirt or pants.  Apparently she only like shirts with a design on it {other than flowers}.  She loves her stripes.
25Feb12 ~ Making sure her babies are all settled in


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