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Bedtime Reading

Instead of Dave reading L her bedtime books, L now reads to Dave.  L actually doesn’t read the books, but makes up stories based on the pictures on each page.  She has read the books so many times, she has also memorized what they are about.  It’s cute to hear…she uses a difference voice when reading the books.

On this night we told L to go read the books to herself and Dave would be right up.  It's Sammy the Seal and Corduroy.
27Feb12 ~ Framingham, the video is 4 minutes long.


25Feb12 ~ Her favorite, Melting Pot, Framingham

L and I went out for lunch on Saturday....girl's lunch date.  She didn't care for lunch, but dessert was a whole different story.  She loved it!  How can you not?!?  Her favorite was the strawberries followed by the red velvet cake and then brownies all dipped in CHOCOLATE.

26Feb12 ~ Tadpole, Suburban, Framingham

We moved L up from Sea Pony to the Tadpole class.  She needed to be pushed a little harder and the first class seemed to have gone well.


25Feb12 ~ Wink, Wink...pretending she's having a party
25Feb12 ~ She says a belt makes her outfits pretty.

Another clothing post...this one from last week.  {Outfit above from Saturday.  I had to convince her to wear a dress and she had to accessorize.} L has become quite opinionated when it comes to her clothing choices in the morning. 
I asked L if she wanted to wear this dress with leggings. L: No. Me: Why? L: Because. Me: Because why? L:  Because I don’t like flowers. Me: Since when have you not liked flowers L:  I’m going to pick my clothes.
She comes down with a pair of striped leggings and her “Hello Kitty” shirt.
Me: You can’t wear that shirt, it’s too small L: You need to put it aside. Me: You're correct
She is correct.  We agreed the other morning…if she has outgrown her clothes we would set it aside for Julia.  I’m willing to accept her statement since it was a battle at one time to get her to pick a different shirt or pants.  Apparently she only like shirts with a design on it …


18Feb12 ~ Out and about on Saturday… L had sneak peek at ballet.  Rather than a recital at the end of the ballet session, parents view what the students have been doing for the last 2 ½ months.  We were going to sign L up for another 3 months of lessons, but L told us she didn't want to go to ballet anymore.  After ballet, we packed for Maine and off to a friend’s birthday party.  She was so excited because her best friend, A, was there.  She had a blast doing the Chicken Dance, Hokey Poky, and YMCA.
From the party, we headed to a hair appointment for L.  She now loves to get her haircut.
22Feb12 ~ her fashion choice.

This morning I asked L if she wanted to wear the blue shirt.  She said, "no."  I asked her why and she said, "it doesn't have anything on it."  L has decided she only wants shirts that has a motif or design on it.  Her wardrobe these days consists of leggings, a long sleeve shirt with a motif and her heart belt.

Mommy's Back

19Feb12 ~ Bubbles in the middle of the winter, Maine

Dave said to me, “someone has Mommy’s back.”

L didn’t want to go grocery shopping with after returning from Maine on Monday. L came running to the door when I got home and asked me where I was going again. I had to get the rest of the grocery. While I headed out, L went to the computer the room. “Daddy, you need to help Mommy with the groceries.”


Because I Love You

14Feb12 ~ Ready for Valentine's Day.  Our Valentine!

L woke up yesterday with lots of kisses and hugs for me. I was talking to Dave, telling him someone has lot of hugs and kisses for me today. L chimes in and says, “because I love you.”

On Thursdays, I leave early for work since Dave has class. I was telling Dave I was taking off and from the living I hear L say, “don’t forget my hug and kiss.” She comes running into the kitchen to make sure I gave her what she wanted.

Here are photos from the week:
 12Feb12 ~ Last day of swim lesson, we're going to try the next level.

 12Feb12 ~ Tonight's two bedtime time book. 

13Feb12 ~ L,Pizza and Pizza's bear are ready for daycare.
13Feb12 ~ Pizza and her "Bear"
13Feb12 ~ L all excited when she received a package in the mail
15Feb12 ~ L all excited about her Valentines from her friends.  She gave herself one.
15Feb12 ~ L showing me her Valentine crown


A message for Ba and Ong Noi.
Happy Valentine's Day


2.4.12 ~ Tea time with Ba Noi, Maine
L and I tend to have the most interesting conversations in the car to and from daycare. She says things like, “Mommy, you can’t dance, you have to drive” or this strange conversation:

Me: How was your day?
L: Good. You know, we have a new “S” at daycare. We have two “S’s” now. “S” wears a pull up. My friend, “N”, doesn’t wear a pull up anymore. You know, my friend, “T” still wears a pull up.

She tends to give me updates on all her friends. Who was sick and had to go home. “M” threw up in the big room today and “Ms. A” had to hold her. “T” had a temperature today and Ms. L had to call his Mommy. She tells me who got a hair cut and who had to go to the doctors.

2.5.12 ~ Only the Super Bowl will be on downstairs.  L had to watch t.v. in her room.
2.7.12 ~ Dancing to start the morning.
2.8.12 ~ One of her favorite pre-dinner snack, cucumbers.
2.9.12 ~ Tucking all her friends in for bed.
2.10.12 ~ She gets distracted.  One shoe on (barely) and she stops.


One thing most people may not know about L is she loves to clean the bathroom.  She gets so excited when Dave gets ready to start cleaning the bathroom.  She wonders why I do not like to clean to bathroom.  It makes no sense to her and she will ask me the same question every weekend.  "Do you like to clean the bathroom, Mommy?" 
Just look at her gloves.  She has to have them...we wrapped a rubber band around them to keep it on her.  Once she has her gloves she has to go find shoes.  Her excitement is a bit too much at times.  She wants to do it all even if it means getting in Dave's way at times.  But, he gives her a turn at everything.