Random pics since last week.

1.12.12 ~ nothing is better than a little laughter before bed.

Tucking L in to bed the other night, she says to me, “you’re my lovey dupey, cuddle with me.”

1.14.12 ~ trying to get away...no more photos. 

1.14.12 ~ I see you. 

1.15.12 ~ Lessons

After ballet L went to her first movie with a couple of her girls friends...Beauty and the Beast 3D. They were cute...excited to see one another when we met up with them at the theater. 

1.16.12 ~ sitting with Daddy and playing on the iPad....All the best!

The Mall continued…Dave and L spent almost ½ the day at the mall {most know why, they are stir crazy kindred}. From what I heard they enjoyed it. L loved the mini golf {“I love it!”}. At mini golf, Dave asked L to pick his ball up for him. Her response, “you’re a big boy, you pick it up.”

1.17.12 ~ t.v time before dinner.


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