365/365: Five

Daddy clipping L's nails

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since the 2nd. This is the final photo of the 365 project. Work and overall tiredness has me slowing down on the blog posts. L is L, happy as can be even after she spends 4 hours in the office with me on Saturday. She had to skip her gym class this week, but had ballet and swim lessons.

We’re amazed by her bravery in the pool this past weekend. She was a go getter at lesson.  So gung ho…she lied to her swim teacher. The swim teacher was doing an exercise where the kids had to take turns. The teacher said the 5 year olds would go first. She asked who was five, and L raised her hands immediately (while the 2 five year old did not even raise their hands). I had to correct her and she smiled.

When I asked her about why she lied about being five, she said, “I wanted to go first.”


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