3 to 13

1.21.12 ~ Mass Ballet, Framingham

Apparently our three year old is going on 13.  She wants to see the Fresh Beat Band in concert and she must get the cd.  She's been asking for the cd for two years now.  It finally comes out at the end of the month.  We told her she could use her Christmas gift card.

Last night, she convinced Dave to take her to the mall.  They were there for almost three hours.  I thought they might have gotten lost there...they didn't get home until 9PM.  We asked her what she wanted to do today and she said, "go to the mall." 

She had to call her Dad today because she couldn't find her chap stick. They used it last night.  Listening to her on the phone is quite comical.   She was all worked up explaining she put it back in the same place...the pocket of red sweatshirt and it's not there.  It was there last night and asking him if he knows where it is.  

She says things like:
The dog's name is Loula.  That's a cool name.
Isn't that awesome.
Isn't she beautiful.
That is so cool.

1.20.12 ~ First real snow of the season

1.20.12 ~ L and Dave...they share of bowl of cereal most morning

1.22.12 ~ Silliness before ballet

1.22.12 ~ Getting ready to go


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