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Couch Friends

I asked L to make room for me on the couch.  She says, "I can't they're watching t.v.  You can sit on me."

 1.21.12 ~ Her perch
1.22.12 ~ Her turn down the slide 
1.22.12 ~ cupcake time.  All that stripe and color. 
 1.24.12 ~ Adjusting Pizza's diaper
Loving Pizza

3 to 13

1.21.12 ~ Mass Ballet, Framingham
Apparently our three year old is going on 13.  She wants to see the Fresh Beat Band in concert and she must get the cd.  She's been asking for the cd for two years now.  It finally comes out at the end of the month.  We told her she could use her Christmas gift card.

Last night, she convinced Dave to take her to the mall.  They were there for almost three hours.  I thought they might have gotten lost there...they didn't get home until 9PM.  We asked her what she wanted to do today and she said, "go to the mall." 

She had to call her Dad today because she couldn't find her chap stick. They used it last night.  Listening to her on the phone is quite comical.   She was all worked up explaining she put it back in the same place...the pocket of red sweatshirt and it's not there.  It was there last night and asking him if he knows where it is.  

She says things like:
The dog's name is Loula.  That's a cool name.

Project365 Review

I went back and looked at the photos I took for Project365.  Here is my favorite from each month {there were many}.  Wow!'s amazing to look back and to see the changes in L and in the way I took the photos.  I did learn to take better photos {not very hard with the subjects I had}.

I may do it again some day, it's just hard in the beginning of the year.  Maybe I'll try mid-year or even in April.


Random pics since last week.
1.12.12 ~ nothing is better than a little laughter before bed.

Tucking L in to bed the other night, she says to me, “you’re my lovey dupey, cuddle with me.”
1.14.12 ~ trying to get more photos. 
1.14.12 ~ I see you. 
1.15.12 ~ Lessons
After ballet L went to her first movie with a couple of her girls friends...Beauty and the Beast 3D. They were cute...excited to see one another when we met up with them at the theater. 
1.16.12 ~ sitting with Daddy and playing on the iPad....All the best!

The Mall continued…Dave and L spent almost ½ the day at the mall {most know why, they are stir crazy kindred}. From what I heard they enjoyed it. L loved the mini golf {“I love it!”}. At mini golf, Dave asked L to pick his ball up for him. Her response, “you’re a big boy, you pick it up.”
1.17.12 ~ t.v time before dinner.

Monday: MLK Day

1.16-12 ~ Natick Mall, photo take by Dave and sent to me at work
This is a what happens when I have to work and Dave and L are home.  Dave and L head to the the mall and L has convinced Dave to get one of these carts.  It's L's she usually says to me, "I wish I could..."

I usually have to guess what they are doing, but this I know...L gets spoiled.  She pretty much run the house and is getting many shoulder rides {she loves} and eating whatever she wants.

365/365: Five

Daddy clipping L's nails
I can’t believe I haven’t posted since the 2nd. This is the final photo of the 365 project. Work and overall tiredness has me slowing down on the blog posts. L is L, happy as can be even after she spends 4 hours in the office with me on Saturday. She had to skip her gym class this week, but had ballet and swim lessons.

We’re amazed by her bravery in the pool this past weekend. She was a go getter at lesson.  So gung ho…she lied to her swim teacher. The swim teacher was doing an exercise where the kids had to take turns. The teacher said the 5 year olds would go first. She asked who was five, and L raised her hands immediately (while the 2 five year old did not even raise their hands). I had to correct her and she smiled.

When I asked her about why she lied about being five, she said, “I wanted to go first.”

364/365: Happy 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!   
 Don't they just put a smile on your face?!?
This is L...pure JOY and HAPPINESS!
Sending good wishes and cheers to a Happy and Healthy 2012

363/365: Eve

12.31.11 ~ dipping her feet in the hot tub
L waiting for us before heading down to breakfast

There was more pool time before we headed over to visit with Auntie Van, Uncle Tuan and Logan.

We hung out before heading to an indoor play area for L. She went grocery shopping and served her Dad lunch at the dinner.  She was so happy went there was a baby that looked like Pizza.  She had to take care of it before heading into the arcade.
L taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.

I am so crazy in love with these two.

362/365: Pool

12.30.11 ~ Somerset, NJ
We spent the weekend in NJ visiting my sister and L got lots of pool time.  We finally got L to jump into the pool.