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Story Time

25Dec2012 ~ Maine {Instagram}
My favorite moment while in Maine for Christmas...Story time.

L doing Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

Just when you've might have had enough, there's a video as well.
Story Time from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.

Month 4

Today A is 4 months old.  This photo is so A.
She's smiling, laughing and talking and is on the verge of rolling over.  And, she's strong.  A loves to be on her feet.   She expresses herself very well.  People watching is perhaps her favorite thing to do right now...following every one's movement.  
At A's 4 month check up she weighed 14 pounds (50th percentile) and was 25 inches (75th percentile). I had expected the drop in weigh percentile since our stubborn little girl took about 3 ounces in a 10 hour period at daycare for much of November.  She continues to increase her intake and up to about 10 ounces.  We ultimately settled on Dr. Brown's bottles.  
28December 2012
Before Christmas we transitioned A to her crib and she has done really well.  She stopped sleeping through the night in November which could be due to daycare {lack of Mommy time}, developmental changes or teething.  Yes, the doctor confirmed there is a teeth working up.  He also confirmed that he…

Watch Out World

Someone is on the verge of rolling over and she's watching you.


Hope you all had a merry Christmas.  

Heavy Heart

13December2012 ~ Ready for the day...heading to daycare.
The last two days has been hard.  It was all senseless.  The innocent Sandy Hook children whose lives were cut short and the broken pieces their families will live with for the rest of their lives.  May God bless them and their families.

It was about two weeks ago when we pre-registered L for kindergarten. I was excited for her...she is ready.  Our L who wakes up each morning full of energy and ready to take on the day.  I can't imagine her not in our lives.  I tear up thinking about.  My heart goes out to the Sandy Hook community and it's been heavy since I heard about the act.  I've stopped reading or watching the news coverage.  It makes me think about too much.  My children are heading into a strange world...filled with scary things.

What takes away the sadness...looking into my children's faces.

Merry and Bright

09December2012 ~ Making it Merry and Bright

 L had to get a photo of me and A
It was a nice surprise running into Santa and Mrs. Claus while having our wreath made.


A few picture from the Christmas Party we attended this pass weekend.

I found L using my camera to do this... 

Instagram Photos

01December2012 ~ Princess Party
We had a packed weekend.  Saturday, L had Mighty Mites gym class, then it was a princess party.  Sunday, there was a Christmas party and we finally decorated our tree.    02December2012 ~ Christmas Party
L is getting to wise regarding Santa.  She says to me, "Mommy I was naughty, but Santa still got me a present."  We also go Elf on the Shelf out of storage.  I told L she better behave because Elf is watching.  Here response, "Santa will still get me a gift." 02December2012 ~ hungry little girl

Three Months

25November2012 ~ Asleep while we tree hunted
Baby A is a three month old today. 
28November2012 ~ Smile Lexi
Calmer and happier.


12November2012 ~ after a good morning walk, a me picture
This is my last day home with the girls.  I head back to work on Monday.  There's mix feelings with returning to work.  I think I'm good at my job and mentally need it, but I'll miss being with the girls.  I'm not worried about L as she's quite excited to return to daycare full time.  Baby A isn't fully embracing bottle feeding.  At times I through she had, but this past week she doesn't care for it.

Here's a few pictures from this past week all taken with my phone.

 L, one person sack race until J came over.
the race was on
 There was Daddy time.  All I hear when I look at this picture is, "pick me up, pick me up Daddy."  Baby A and I
 15November2012 ~ it was a long morning at daycare
 She passed out at home
15November2012 ~  L watched her favorite movie of all time, Toy Story 3


10November2012 ~ Sleep
There's a lot of transitioning when it comes to sleep in our house.  When A was born I co-slept with her  in our spare room.  L slept in our bed.   At around 6 weeks, Baby A and I moved upstairs to L's room.  Baby A moved to the sleeper {best product ever} and I slept in L's bed.  L was still in our bed.

This week L went back to her room.  She was excited because she and Baby A would share a room.  She can't wait until they get to share a bed.  It seems to be working out well.   I don't think this would have worked if Baby A didn't sleep as much as she does at night.

Entertaining Lexi

Happy Birthday Lexi from Thuy Hill on Vimeo.
10November2012 ~ Sister love
This is how L calms and entertains A.   The "shake your booty" thing is new.

Happy and Angry Lexi

08November2012 ~ Smiling A
I got a smiling happy L during the day 

That night, Dave got an angry A

Had to comfort her before he dressed her for the night

This was followed by more than 8 hours of sleep.  A is a sleeper.
07November2012 ~ trying to catch a snow flake