339/365: Fair

 Dinner ~ when Dave has class it's usually spaghetti or hot dogs.

I received an email from Dave this morning reminding me of a few things and to tell me L wanted to bring two toys to daycare and when he said no, she cried.  So he let her bring one to daycare.

L knows the rules...they prefer kids do not bring toys to school.  L and I had a conversation about her crying and bringing toys to school.  She told me she didn't think Daddy would tell on her.

Me:  Lyla are you allowed to brings toys to school?
L: No
Me:  Why did you bring a toy?
L:  The others bring toys to school
Me:  You are not allowed to bring toys to school
L:  No fair, the other kids bring toys.

I had not response to the comment...thinking three year olds shouldn't know what is fair and what isn't


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