336/365: Party

12/4/11 - Santa, Newton, MA

She was brave this year with Santa.  It’s been a big year for L.  I feel she’s growing and I’m so proud of her.  She’s worked very hard on her anxiety of strangers and even people she knows.

{I asked her what Santa said to her and she said he asked if she's been nice this year.}

Before lessons I asked L to go get her bathing suit and clothes for swim lessons.  She came down with this outfit with the sweatshirt on backwards (the hood is in the front) with no bathing suit on.  Dave had to help her fix herself.

The instructor is so patient with her.  At the end of each lesson the children go down the slide.  L has a fear of jumping in and going down the slide.  She thinks jumping is the lesser of two evils. I feel I’m waiting with my breath held hoping she will jump in.  Instead she decides the slide is the better route to get in the pool.

From the pool it was to a Kid’s Holiday Party.  L still sits outside the circle of kids.  This will be another growth path.  Santa gave her a motorized Strawberry Shortcake care.   We were quite impressed she mastered the remote control quickly.   

I love this photo.  This is L and Dave.  This is their relationship.  He makes sure she’s well cared for and she just adores being with him. My 336/365 photo would have been this because of the emotions it creates, but I choose the Santa photo because it's a hurdle L has passed.


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