322/365: Electricity

After swim lessons and a nap L got to do something she wanted to do.   She wanted to do a project with paints.  The girl is quite thoughtful.

She was not happy with us this morning.  She was so mad I thought she would just stand in the hall way and not go to swim lessons. 

The rule before leaving the house is to make sure everything is shut off.  The computer was still running because I was running something on it.  She stood her ground and kept telling us the computer was still on.  Dave and I tried to explain to her why it needed to stay on.  She was mumbled something about wasting electricity and so on {her face was getting all red).

She is stubborn...finally talking to us when we got caught at the train tracks waiting for a mile long train to pass.  She remembered Ong Noi loves trains and she went on a train with Ong and Ba Noi.


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