After dinner and before getting on the computer

What do you say to a child who sits down at the dinner table with her dessert and says, "here you go butt head." 

I could only say, "you don't say that.  Who did you hear that from?"  She looks at me and I can see she's thinking about it.  Thinking about whether she should tattle.   It takes a moment, but she tells me..."Daddy."  I should have known. 

He walks into the dining room with his dessert and I just look at him.  He didn't hear what she said.  I asked him if he heard what she just said.  I tell him and he laughs...he is no help.

At bed time after L finishes brushing her teeth.  She takes tooth brush and using Dave's towel proceeded to dry her tooth brush.  Dave turns to me and says, "this is why I call her a butt head."

Next thing he'll start calling her a knuckle head.  I can already hear it.


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