313/365: Jump

L's work of art for a birthday card

L worked on her birthday card for Ong Noi before her play date with friends from daycare.  It's no longer blue, but RED.  She tells me "I still like blue, but I want red."  She just may go through life in blocks of color.  She does things with enthusiasm and the picture was one of them.  I try to have a say in it, but the snowmen and Santas made it on the card and the page would have been covered if I let her just go. 

Cars down the ramp

Up high 

 up the mountain and down the slide

She asked if I would take pictures of her jumping

As if lunch with the girls and time at Jump Around wasn't enough.  She practiced jumping on Daddy {who would have though she had a fever yesterday}.  It's all so she could gain confidence.  She's timid, shy,cautious and quite curious...with lots of questions.  Reading books at bed time isn't about listening it's comes with lots more questions.  She curious and approaching her 1/2 birthdays.  1/2 birthdays are not my favorite times in L's life.  We manage through it and I hope each 1/2 year gets better and better.


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