303/365: Tired

After her usual two books, L was out...she was tired. 

She tells me she likes to cuddle with Bear and Elmo at night.  She loves Pizza, but she like to jump in the bed while they are all sleeping so she has to stay in the carriage downstairs.  L loves to tell stories now.

The funniest thing while the power was out these past three days was L and her tv.  While she and I were out and about we would go back to the house to check if the power had come back on.  We would walk into the kitchen and I would say, "there is still no power."  She doesn't believe.  She has to check for herself.  Her way of checking would be to go and try to turn the tv on.  "Nope, no power."  She did this every time we came home.  But, when the power came back on today, the thing she did was to go on the computer. 


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