301/365: Power

We lost power on Saturday and finally got it back today.  The first two nights we spent out home and last night stay in a hotel.  We were hoping to wake up to power on Sunday, but it was not so.  We went out for breakfast to warm up and then it was off to swim lessons.

After swim lesson L and I went to the mall and then the library where there was heat. Everyone around us seemed to have power except for our block. 

There was snow shoveling before swim lessons and breakfast.  Then the mall and library.  Good thing the library is open on Sundays.

L wore this to bed.  I had her all bundled up.  She decided on the gloves.  Dave tried to take some of the layers off, but she won't allow him.  She had a tank top, long sleep shirt, sweater and two pairs of pants.  She wore every layer to bed.  It was cold in the house.  We tried to book a hotel room, but they were all full.  We could have driven into Boston or Cambridge, but it was a long day and I just wanted to go to bed.


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