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331/365: Three (and a half)

11/29/11 ~ Cheese
L is one of those children who go through ½ year developments phases that tend to be a little {at times a lot} difficult.I ran across this post on-line while doing some research on it and can’t believe the similarities between this writer’s child and L.
Characteristics of Three (and a half) Year Old Behavior

L exhibits all ten traits and it makes sense now.  The writer references a book called, Your Three Year Old: Friend or Enemy by Louise Bates Ames.  I love the title...I times I do think it.

330/365: Awesome

11.28.11 ~  Silly

I love hearing her sweet voice {as does Dave}.The words “COOL” and “AWESOME” get used a lot…coming out of a sweet three year old voice makes it quite “EXECELLENT” to hear.“Wasn’t that cool Mommy?”“That was awesome!”She adds to it with the wave of her hands and the expressions on her face.

329/365: Elf

11/27/11 - Crawling bundle of joy, Logan

Elf on the Shelf has entered the building…our house.Dave has been reading the book to L the last two nights.I admit, I have not read the whole thing yet.  Today L went searching for Elf and he was right on the window sill.“I found him!” Next thing I hear, “you’re not supposed to pick him up, he’ll lose his magic.”Yes, I need to read the book and apparently L needs it read to her again.She was so excited she had to bring Elf to me to show she found him.

328/365: Thankful

A walk with Ba Noi to see the cows before we headed to my father's annual remembrance gathering and then home.

It was a wonderful week in Maine with much to be thankful for. Thankful for family and friends. Thankful L has become more comfortable around people…giving hugs and kisses to everyone. Instead of being with me at all time, I had to go find her this year. When asked how her day was, she said, “I met three new friends.” She’s met her cousins before, but now she’s more aware and open.

I am very thankful for cousins. I remember my childhood with cousins and the fun we all had…glad L will have those memories. Memories with many more cousins…my siblings children, Dave's brother's children and my cousin’s children.

327/365: Turkey Day

Maine ~  Teasing Daddy
Happy Thanksgiving!

Teasing Daddy and helping Ba Noi with an apple crisp.  The only helping was helping  herself to the peeled apples.

Time spent with family and friends from both sides of the family.


Maine ~ More games at Ba Noi


Packing for Maine


Puzzles before bed.  We ran out of pajamas so it was this for bed.  She questioned it..of course.


Framingham ~ This is what I want to wear and why do I need a sweater?

We in Maine for the rest of the week so it's just picture post for the next few posts.

322/365: Electricity

After swim lessons and a nap L got to do something she wanted to do.   She wanted to do a project with paints.  The girl is quite thoughtful.

She was not happy with us this morning.  She was so mad I thought she would just stand in the hall way and not go to swim lessons. 
The rule before leaving the house is to make sure everything is shut off.  The computer was still running because I was running something on it.  She stood her ground and kept telling us the computer was still on.  Dave and I tried to explain to her why it needed to stay on.  She was mumbled something about wasting electricity and so on {her face was getting all red).
She is stubborn...finally talking to us when we got caught at the train tracks waiting for a mile long train to pass.  She remembered Ong Noi loves trains and she went on a train with Ong and Ba Noi.

321/365: Leaves

Finding her Dad to be he cleans the gutters

We spent yesterday and part of today raking leaves.  It was 60 bags of leaves this year.  L was a good sport about it.  She spent part of the time outside and when she was done went inside to color and watch tv.  She did make it out again this time with her umbrella.

We had lobster for dinner.  She and Dave fought over the claws and knuckle {I do all the work and hand them the plate} .  L grabbed all the knuckles before handing Dave the plate {with a grin}. 
"Um good. Yummy in my tummy" as she would say.


She says this is her fishing.  Dave and L went to Lowes after pick up and got this

On Friday, as we approach daycare, L says, “I want to be first”First as the first person at daycare.
Me: You can’t be first. L: I want to be first. Me: Remember, you had to finish the show first.{It was Max and Ruby} L: Oh ok. {insert phase and thought} I’ll be the caboose. {like it was the most brilliant idea she had}
After we got inthe building L proceed to tell the Director we were behind a chocolate truck {we were behind a truck, but not a chocolate truck}.

319/365: Three Quarters

She does not care for three quarter she rolls them up.




She's all about washing her own face and even her body at bath time. On this night it was bath time before dessert.


After dinner and before getting on the computer
What do you say to a child who sits down at the dinner table with her dessert and says, "here you go butt head." 

I could only say, "you don't say that.  Who did you hear that from?"  She looks at me and I can see she's thinking about it.  Thinking about whether she should tattle.   It takes a moment, but she tells me..."Daddy."  I should have known. 

He walks into the dining room with his dessert and I just look at him.  He didn't hear what she said.  I asked him if he heard what she just said.  I tell him and he laughs...he is no help.

At bed time after L finishes brushing her teeth.  She takes tooth brush and using Dave's towel proceeded to dry her tooth brush.  Dave turns to me and says, "this is why I call her a butt head."

Next thing he'll start calling her a knuckle head.  I can already hear it.


She enjoys her swim lessons.

After the lesson we baked cupcakes, cleaned up a bit and went for a bike ride. The weather was beautiful.


A little fresh air for a restless child.  L ran around the yard while Dave raked.  Next thing I know, L is inside crying.  This morning we heard a crash and a cry.  We're not sure what she was doing climbing the side table.

313/365: Jump

L's work of art for a birthday card
L worked on her birthday card for Ong Noi before her play date with friends from daycare.  It's no longer blue, but RED.  She tells me "I still like blue, but I want red."  She just may go through life in blocks of color.  She does things with enthusiasm and the picture was one of them.  I try to have a say in it, but the snowmen and Santas made it on the card and the page would have been covered if I let her just go. 
Cars down the ramp
Up high 
 up the mountain and down the slide
She asked if I would take pictures of her jumping
As if lunch with the girls and time at Jump Around wasn't enough.  She practiced jumping on Daddy {who would have though she had a fever yesterday}.  It's all so she could gain confidence.  She's timid, shy,cautious and quite curious...with lots of questions.  Reading books at bed time isn't about listening it's comes with lots more questions.  She curious and approaching her 1/2 birthdays.…

312/365: Rosy Cheeks

I was woken up this morning..."Mommy, excuse me Mommy. I'm hot." Yes, she was. We're both home today. She woke up ready to tackle the day and wanted rice for breakfast. How could I not make some for her.

Before Dave left for work he asked if she realized she was sick..."No!"  But, she certainly knows how to use the I"m sick card.  When asked to do something, she says to me, "I can't.  I'm sick.  I'll cough and my nose will run."  But, she's well enough to dance and ask me to dance tonight.

311/365: Morning

Before daycare. 
Dave had drop off, but I was able to snap this photo before I left for work.  I am amazed when I hear stories of their morning.  On this morning, Dave went to comb L's hair and she had a melt down. Crying hysterically and Dave did not understand why.  She mumbled something about Mommy, but that's all he got from her.  They left the house without her hair combed.  He picked his battles...gave her a hug to calm her down.


Making sure her sneakers are in her bag for daycare. She insists on wearing her winter boots in 50+degrees.


She loves "Little Bear" in the morning.

308/365: Dress Up

Playing while I picked up
It's been a low key day.  L seems to be run down so it was swim lessons this morning and then hanging out at the house.  We did get out to walk around Target.  L wanted to buy everything, but we left with nothing.  

We tried outfits on for L's photos at daycare tomorrow.  With L it's all about prep.  She had her favorite and Dave had his.  In the end it was her choice. 
She asked me what his name is...referring to the photographer.  She feels more comfortable in front of the camera when she knows the person's name.  I told her I would ask Ms. M to ask tomorrow.  On the form there was a comments section so I asked the photographer to introduce himself first..wondering if it was neurotic of me to note this.

307/365: Dressed Up

Arranging all her friends for photos.
After arranging her friends for photos.  She had to dress them up in Pizza's clothes {bottom center photo}.  She then wanted to get dressed up for the tea party. 

She gets quite excited these days and expresses them with words.  Tonight she comes out to the kitchen and says to me, "Daddy has the coolest race car Cheez-Its EVER!"


I didn't get to take photo 306. Work has been crazy so morning photos have been limited and last night we went out to dinner at a "too fancy" place for Dave and L. I'm using a photo take today with L's camera.  A camera made for a toddler which terrible photos.

305/365: PLAY-DOH

A little Play-doh and Elmo before bedtime.



303/365: Tired

After her usual two books, L was out...she was tired. 
She tells me she likes to cuddle with Bear and Elmo at night.  She loves Pizza, but she like to jump in the bed while they are all sleeping so she has to stay in the carriage downstairs.  L loves to tell stories now.

The funniest thing while the power was out these past three days was L and her tv.  While she and I were out and about we would go back to the house to check if the power had come back on.  We would walk into the kitchen and I would say, "there is still no power."  She doesn't believe.  She has to check for herself.  Her way of checking would be to go and try to turn the tv on.  "Nope, no power."  She did this every time we came home.  But, when the power came back on today, the thing she did was to go on the computer.

302/365: Hotel

With no power at home or daycare on Monday, L went into work with me. I had a dentist appointment in the afernoon so Dave took her for a bit. Then L and I checked into the hotel.  She loved the bed.

301/365: Power

We lost power on Saturday and finally got it back today.  The first two nights we spent out home and last night stay in a hotel.  We were hoping to wake up to power on Sunday, but it was not so.  We went out for breakfast to warm up and then it was off to swim lessons.

After swim lesson L and I went to the mall and then the library where there was heat. Everyone around us seemed to have power except for our block. 

There was snow shoveling before swim lessons and breakfast.  Then the mall and library.  Good thing the library is open on Sundays.

L wore this to bed.  I had her all bundled up.  She decided on the gloves.  Dave tried to take some of the layers off, but she won't allow him.  She had a tank top, long sleep shirt, sweater and two pairs of pants.  She wore every layer to bed.  It was cold in the house.  We tried to book a hotel room, but they were all full.  We could have driven into Boston or Cambridge, but it was a long day and I just wanted to go to bed.